About is an amusing adventure .io game powered by HTML5 to work smoothly in most browsers. It is a title launched in March 2017 and developed by LapaMauve who is also the creator of and It is easy to play online at for free! Further, it is possible to explore the story in full-screen to obtain the full experience without difficulty. is a multiplayer competition between you and other people from around the world. However, you are able to find various creatures on the map. Firstly, you should fend off the cold and the hunger. You can overcome initial challenges by collecting resources to craft different tools. Hit trees to gather wood and create a wooden pickaxe. It is useful to mine rocks. Remember to pick up stones later! When you save enough materials, you do not ignore building a campfire to avoid being frozen at night. You can recognize the location of valuable items if you look at the map.

Once you engage in unblocked available on, you will be required to eat berries or hunt animals for meat. The food will help you restore the health and grow stronger or fulfill quests faster. While you are roaming around the realm of, you can choose to evade hostile players or attack them. Are you ready to participate in the journey and conquer threat to be the leader? Do not skip the basic tutorial below!

Controls in game

It is simple to navigate your hero within or perform actions!

  • Actually, you can wander throughout the playfield by hitting keys Arrows or W-A-S-D.
  • Aside from traveling around the territory of, you will be asked to scavenge, produce or cause damage to somebody that you aim. Everything will be carried out with the Left mouse button. Click and you can begin!

Crafting – an interesting feature reserved for gamers

We have some notes for miners in, comprising:

  • It is essential for you or anybody to scavenge 15 planks of wood before you generate an ax.
  • Moreover, a campfire will be finished with 30 blocks of wood and 5 stones.
  • Besides, you can make a workbench with 400 pieces of wood and 20 stones.

Are you willing to join community and compete against all rivals or dominate the top spot of the ranking by yourself? Good luck!

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